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February 3, 2017
February 3, 2017

Video Brochures for Banks & Financial Institutions

The consultant advisors working for Video Brochures Direct have worked with major banks and minancial institutions including HSBC to create innovative video brochures.

Why do they trust Video Brochures Direct with their projects? Perhaps it is because we are FCC compliant, employ rigorous quality control inspection protocols, and only use quality parts in our video brochures. Our American advisor team and responsive customer service personnel provide you with a stress-free experience at competitive prices.

Recipients retain 90% of a message when they watch it on a video brochure compared to 10% when reading a message in text form. 71% of customers say watching video content produced by businesses leaves them with a positive impression of those brands.

We offer powerful case studies across numerous industries, including banking, proving that video brochures are valuable to grow business faster. Here are how clients are using this technology:

Deliver Personalized Messages & Invitations
Equip Recruiters & Sales Teams
Thank Sponsors & Clients
Educate Customers & Patients
Train Staff & Volunteers
Deliver Reports & Proposals

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