In what can only be described as a cluttered landscape, the clients below as well as many others have used our video brochure technology to bring their ideas to life . Take a look at our gallery below and just imagine what we can do for you.

Video brochures are hand-built with Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) inside premium hardcover or paperback brochures. Custom-printed video mailers and LCD brochures vary in cost based upon size, video screen quality, the number of units ordered, and the number of videos (storage capacity needed). Our most popular video brochures cost $39 each. When your message matters most, share it with video brochures — some of the most effective tools available today to marketers, educators, and sales teams.

Video Brochures Direct customers now save an average of $1400 on each order — 15% less! Thanks to our valuable projects for organizations like IBM, Pfizer, Salvation Army, and numerous marketing agencies, we have continued to do well this year (thankfully). Despite a global pandemic and catastrophic supply chain disruptions, our team has acquired thousands of screens and components in short supply and we can now pass the savings along to our customers.

Questions? American advisors in your industry are standing by take your call right here in Pensacola, Florida. You are welcome to shoot us an email to request a free sample or get helpful advice about your campaign. Read our helpful FAQs here.

Our Video Brochures Direct Gallery illustrates what’s achievable.