Video Brochures Direct Announces a July Special: Free Upgrade from Paperback to Hardcover

Video Brochures Direct Announces a July Special: Free Upgrade from Paperback to Hardcover
July 13, 2023 admin
July hard cover upgrade - Video Brochures Direct

Video Brochures Direct is always striving to provide its clients with innovative marketing solutions that captivate their audience and set them apart from the competition. So today, we’re proud to announce that we are offering a complimentary upgrade from a paperback to a hardcover video brochure for purchases made during the month of July! Here are two reasons to act on this upgrade now:

        • Save up to $4 per unit: We understand the importance of maximizing a marketing budget. By taking advantage of this offer, the presentation of the video brochure will be elevated without spending an extra $4 per unit. This allows those savings to be invested in other essential aspects of a marketing campaign.
        • Enhance the Tactile Experience for the Target Audience: A hardcover video brochure offers a heightened tactile experience that leaves a lasting impression on its recipients. The sturdy hardcover brochure adds a touch of elegance and prestige that reflects the quality of the sender’s brand.

In announcing this July special, Brendan Farrugia, our Co-Founder and Director of Global Production, says, “By incorporating this upgrade, you can truly engage your audience and make a memorable impact. But remember, this offer is only valid during July, so act fast to secure this exclusive upgrade for your video brochures!” 

To take advantage of this offer, simply contact us ASAP and no later than July 31, 2023, by calling 1(888)-609-8889 or emailing

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