Want Free Advice about Video Brochure Campaigns and Digital Mailers?

Want Free Advice about Video Brochure Campaigns and Digital Mailers?
June 13, 2019 admin

Our experts make the difference time and again for clients across numerous industries from healthcare and finance to tourism, nonprofits, luxury retail and every niche in between.

What does it take to be a campaign advisor with Video Brochures Direct? First and foremost, each advisor is dedicated to kind and courteous customer support. Our team across the United States represents some of the most experienced leaders in multiple industries.

We are in the business of educating people about what is possible using video technology and digital brochures. This innovative medium opens so many doors, making incredible wow impression possible and creating a sense of reciprocity in the recipient. Want to create viral buzz? Our research indicates that each brochure is passed between a minimum of 15 hands — unifying stakeholders around your common message and your saving time and money. Achieve your goals by providing valuable content. Whether using video brochures for prospecting, customer onboarding, training, fundraising, or education, these tools save organizations money and add millions of dollars to the bottom line.



We offer free advice about how video brochures and related communications initiatives  can work for you. Just reach out. It is likely that one of our expert advisors is available to speak with you about what works in your industry.

When your budget is being stretched to include innovative investments like video brochures, it is vitally important to work with people who have seen it all with award-winning results. Meet an advisor in your industry and see what is possible with the innovations you create together.

If you have questions about the value we provide or the cost of doing business with Video Brochures Direct, pleases feel free to reach out. We’re just a quick phone call away. Speak with an American team member today — 888-609-8889 — or email hello@videobrochuresdirect.com