Are video brochures safe for air travel?

Are video brochures safe for air travel?
June 1, 2020 admin
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As with any innovative new technology, there are a “battery” of questions you may be asking about traveling with video brochures. Trade shows and events that provide video brochures to attendees as leave-behinds or sales collateral may find this information especially pertinent.

One of our most frequently asked questions is about transporting video brochures by air — either in carry-on luggage or checking a box full of brochures.
Good news! Most products by Video Brochures Direct are printed and assembled in America and utilize the latest Lithium-Ion batteries. Certain airlines may subject Lithium-Ion batteries to air-travel restrictions while others place few restrictions.

Airlines employ a ‘Watt Hour’ classification method.
For example, a standard video brochure has a 3.7-watt hour classification. These limits vary between airlines and are very often loosely enforced. Some allow restricted amounts to be taken as carry-on luggage. Others place no limits if packed correctly in luggage, while some carriers do not allow them at all.

Our best suggestion is to check with your airline prior to departure. If you are unsure about traveling through TSA, boarding an aircraft, or checking a box of video brochures, we are equipped and available to help facilitate fulfilment and shipping for you. Just reach out to our friendly American and Australian team at or call 1 (888) 609-8889.

Whatever your transportation needs — never let airline concerns stop you from delivering incredible video brochures to your recipients. We have solutions for any scenario. Your recipients will thank you!