Digital Brochures?

Digital Brochures?

Digital brochures simply put, are a print piece with an embedded, ultra-thin HD video screen and high-quality speakers.

Video Brochures Direct manufactures video brochures in many sizes and shapes with various functions and capabilities. We provide our clients across the United States and around the world with many creative possibilities. Projects are only limited by the imagination, and we specialize in working with internal teams or marketing agencies to make your vision a reality. If you can dream it, more than likely we will be able to deliver it.

Digital brochures are an ideal way to convey more information than traditional print brochures. Video is proven to engage audiences more than print and images alone, and we combine the best of print, video and imagery to deliver one incredibly versatile messaging device.

What are the possibilities, shapes and sizes for digital brochures?

Digital brochures with video screens can be created in many formats. Perhaps you require a hexagonal, octagonal, oblong or obtuse design. It’s easy to hone in on your ideal design by speaking with or emailing one of our knowledgeable video brochure campaign specialists based right here in Florida.

We’ll explain your options, discuss best practices for the type of results you want, and get to work creating your exact preferences together. Nothing is too “creative” for our team! We have even made a digital brochure in the shape of a house for a high-end real estate client. The one thing all our digital brochures have in common is the ability to stop audiences in their tracks. The second your recipients open them, the magic begins — requiring no wifi or passwords.

Operational versatility is another strong point of our digital brochures. The options are almost too numerous to list, but here are a few popular formats to give you an idea. Screens can be large (10 inch screen), medium (7 inch screen), or small (4.3 inch screen), with a touch screen or standard, light activated or optimized for wide-angle viewing. Read about our most popular models and decide for yourself what fits your objectives.

Button configurations are also flexible. Our most popular units include play, pause and stop as well as volume up and volume down. Rewind and fast forward are also popular features. Digital brochure audio options include volume-controlled standard mono or stereo speakers.

If you would like more information about how digital brochures can work for you, we welcome you to contact our team right here in the USA. We’ll be happy to share our knowledge and campaign expertise with you — to ensure your project is stress free without surprises or glitches.

Your digital brochure project is in good hands with Video Brochures Direct.

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