Economy Video Brochure

Di Data - Video Brochures Direct
From $36 / unit
Pricing based on a 200 unit purchase
  • 4.3 & 5 inch screens
    Brochure Size: 7 x 5 inches
    15-20 mins of video time
    Play, Pause & Volume buttons
    up to 4 video buttons


Premium Video Brochure

Morehouse-College - Video Brochures Direct
From $39 / unit
Pricing based on a 200 unit purchase
  • 5 & 7 inch screens
    Brochure Size: 8 1/8 x 6 inches
    15-20 mins of video time
    Play, Pause & Volume buttons
    up to 5 video buttons


Deluxe Video Brochure

IBM - Video Brochures Direct
From $46 / unit
Pricing based on a 200 unit purchase
  • 7 & 10 inch screens
    Brochure Size: 8 1/4 x 11 5/8 inches
    15-20 mins of video time
    Play, Pause & Volume buttons
    up to 8 video buttons


Platinum Video Boxes

Ally - Video Brochures Direct
From $83 / unit
Minimum purchase 100 unit
  • 7 & 10 inch Screens
    Box Size: 9 x 6 3/4 x 2 inches
    Foam Inserts
    15-20 mins of video time
    Play, Pause & Volume Buttons
    up to 4 video buttons


We offer custom solutions as well



Despite a global pandemic and catastrophic supply chain disruptions, our team has acquired thousands of screens and components in short supply and we can now pass the savings along to our customers.


Video Brochures Direct-Design-Service-stamp

Our dedicated in house design team delivers creative that maximizes your ROI.

Video Brochures Direct-Free-Delivery

We offer free delivery within the United States on all products with no hidden costs.

Video Brochures Direct-100-Guaranteed

Every brochure’s checked for accuracy and charge capacity prior to delivery.

Video Brochures Direct-FCC

Video Brochures Direct products are certified FCC compliant for use in the United States.

Trusted by:

Vanguard Investments

“The brochures have seriously been a massive hit! Our Managing Director was most impressed.”

Lucinda Perry
Marketing Specialist, Vanguard Investments

Blue Wahoos

“I’ve never ever had an experience where I’m getting calls from seasoned ticket holders, letters and emails from sponsors saying this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen?”

Quint Studer
Co-owner Blue Wahoos

Mass Torts Made Perfect

“My company was looking for a new and fresh way to talk to some of our key customers and be able to showcase our seminar and really convey the excitement of attending one of our events.  Video brochures turned out to be a fantastic new approach and Brendan and the team at Video Brochures Direct were a pleasure to work with.  They managed the project start to finish and were completely on top of the production schedule and quality control – everything went smoothly and it was a great experience”

Sharon Boothe
Vice President, MTMP



The 24-hour salesperson that attracts key decision makers with high interest and engagement.
See examples >


Outperform traditional fundraising channels by presenting emotional content simply and effectively.
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Creating a unique and memorable invitation piece to showcase why your event is a must attend.
See examples >


Simplify complex messaging to staff as well as clients easily and directly with vison and audio.
See examples >


Be the employer of choice by supporting a culture of innovation that’s sure to resonate with staff.
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Create anticipation around your product launch via this exciting and memorable medium.
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Knowledge is power and we are committed to customer education. Here are our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you have others, don’t hesitate to call us at 1 (888) 609-8889.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) I can purchase?

To ensure you get the right video brochure product for the best price, our order minimums are set at 100.

How quickly can the video brochures be produced?

Pending your approval of the PDF proof supplied, you should allow a lead time of 4-5 weeks.

How many videos can we upload to the brochures?

Compact: Up to 3 videos
Half Page: Up to 5 videos
Presentation Folder: Up to 8 videos
Presentation Boxes: Up to 5 videos

How long will the brochures play before needing a re-charge?

Our standard video brochures playback thousands of times for approximately 90 minutes per charge. Each comes with a charging cable that is simple to use. Video brochures can be produced with larger batteries that operate for longer duration if needed.

When should I forward you the video files or can we upload these at a later date?

Ideally, we like to receive the video files no more than 2 days after artwork is approved. This ensures the fast-tracking of your order and allows us to quality test your videos prior to factory dispatch. We do not charge for this service.
If this is not possible you can complete the upload process in your office, or alternatively, we charge a small fee to do this on your behalf.

Can I change or update the video files more than once?

Yes, this is one of our video brochure’s best features. It’s as simple as connecting the supplied USB cable into the brochure and dragging and dropping your new video file onto the device.

What do video brochures cost?

Video brochures typically cost between $20-$65 per unit depending on the size and quality of the screen, quantity ordered, size and shape of the piece, video storage capacity and a number of other factors. You do not have to know exactly what size or format you want in order to get started. Learn about pricing

How many video brochures do we have to buy to get the best deal?

The best price breaks are typically between 250 and 500 brochures due to economies of scale. Smaller quantities are available at slightly higher price-per-unit. Learn about pricing

Can Video Brochures Direct produce our video and design our video brochure?

Yes we offer video production, video editing, and motion graphics production and our in house design team can conceptualize as well as design your video brochure.

What quality control programs do you have in place?

Our quality control is second-to-none so we only use the very best components assembled within our own strictly supervised factory facility. Our brochures are checked for battery charging capabilities, video loading, auto play function and start/stop/pause functionality.

Do the brochures meet American Standards?

Video Brochures Direct is certified FCC compliant. All components used in the manufacturing of our Video Brochures – including the Lithium battery — meet stringent FCC compliance standards and are approved for use in the United States.

Is delivery included in the price advertised on the website?

Yes there is free delivery to the one destination within the United States and our team can also provide fulfillment if needed.

What are your payment terms?

A 50% deposit prior to production and the 50% balance prior to dispatch.


Welcome to the largest library of video brochures, video cards, presentation folders, and presentation boxes in the world! We’re the American/Australian-owned quality leader with a 10-year track record serving great American organizations like Coca-Cola, IBM, Vanguard, Pfizer, and the Salvation Army. If you can dream it, our friendly American team at Video Brochures Direct can achieve it right here in Pensacola, Florida.

Buyer beware! Not all video brochures are created equal. Our clients trust the Video Brochures Direct Best-Price Guarantee that ensures the highest quality video brochures in the industry at fair and transparent pricing — that creates jobs and opportunity right here in the United States.

You’re welcome to request a sample.

Our products are quality-tested and use zero sub-standard parts. Refurbished or discounted screens are not reliable, and ours have received FCC Certification…a safety-step valued by discerning clients from local realtors to fortune 500 companies. Not only are our products higher quality and more dependable, we are continually inventing new uses and concepts for video screens and printed media.

This is a passion we share with agencies and creative executives around the world. We’re proud to bring only the best products to you at great prices. Call (888) 609-8889 for service and a quick quote with no minimum order.

Products Quality Tested in the United States.