Video Brochures Quality Control

Quality Control

The Video Brochures Direct Ten Point Quality Control Checklist

1. PDF proofs are checked at our China facility, again in Australia where our Operation and Production centre  is located as well as the United States before presentation to the client for approval.

2. Video files are viewed to ensure they’re fully operational before sending to the factory for upload.

3. Once printed, every card is thoroughly checked.

4. Battery are fully charged then further tested for 100% recharging capabilities.

5. Once assembled, video and function buttons are thoroughly tested.

6. After full assembly, battery rechecked prior to pack and dispatch.

7. Upon arrival in the United States, if any brochures are damaged in transit they are rejected and replaced.

8. Upon arrival in the United States, every brochure is rechecked and charged if the battery’s not 100%.

9. Upon arrival in the United States, video and function buttons are retested.

10. Brochures repacked for ultimate protection during transit.