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About Video Brochures Direct


We are on a mission to help companies and individuals make incredible connections by using the best of emerging video and print technology. We lead the industry in quality, transparency and customer care with an unmatched supply chain and track record.

Adopting a new, innovative medium like video brochures can seem daunting. Our entire team strives to lead the industry in client education and support, providing 360-degree creative services, from design to video production, as well as video brochure campaign consulting to help ensure your project succeeds on time and within budget.

Your reputation is in good hands with VideoBrochuresDirect.com

The A-Team

Aaron- Video Brochures Direct

Aaron Ball

Chief Product Officer

Aaron is driven to help people and companies succeed. He is leading the charge to build a global community of innovators who use video and print technologies to improve the world.

Brendan- Video Brochures Direct

Brendan Farrugia

Chief Executive Officer

Video Brochures Direct is Brendan’s baby and he treats it that way. Working from our Aus. office what he doesn’t know about the video and print technologies industry is not worth knowing.

Sepi Browning- Video Brochures Direct

Sepi Browning

Chief Information Officer

Sepi enjoys team collaborations and team building opportunities. A huge driver of that is her love for project and task transparency for assurance of team input capture and accuracy.

Ann Kelly Video Brochures Direct

Ann Kelly

Project Coordinator

Ann’s impressive experience as a collegiate educator and business operator over her 40-year career brings a grounded, real-world relevance to our business plan and processes.

Amit Singh- Video Brochures Direct

Amit Singh

IT/Web Project Lead

Amit is a master of everything IT. He knows WordPress and web development like the back of his hand. His expertise of the online space never fails to amaze any of us and his knowledge incalculable.

Ben Avellone- Video Brochures Direct

Ben Avellone

Chief Technology Officer

Ben brings software products to life and enjoys working on the full product lifecycle, from ideation to daily operations. He specializes in building cloud-native web platforms and solving business challenges with modern technology.

Kely Hall Digital Marketing - Video Brochures Direct

Kely Hall

Digital Content Specialist

Kely, performs many tasks however she excels in enhancing customer engagement by delving into the details as well as charting a course of action by analyzing our data and metrics.

Gilbert Ogario

Gilbert Ogario

Client & Customer Service Advisor

Gilbert’s work with Shell corporation and other multi-national organizations uniquely prepared him for his role coordinating communications and training our growing number of clients.

Video Brochures Direct - Our Vision

Our Vision

We’re at the forefront of imaginative and inspiring communication.

Video Brochures Direct - Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our products help people share meaningful moments.

Video Brochures Direct - Our Brand Essence

Our Brand Essence

We’re born out of innovation, experience, quality and service.

Video Brochures Direct - Our UP

Our Difference

We’re committed to transparency with our customers and partners.

Video Brochures Direct - Our Promise

Our Promise

We deliver unmatched quality and service on time and on budget.

Video Brochures Direct - Our Personality

Our Personality

We are approachable, knowledgeable, responsive, and passionate.

We’re about Market-Leading Quality, Competitive
Pricing & Peace of Mind

Our Company

Video Brochures Direct provides custom sizes to fit your needs and budget. Our company was born out of a vision to bring innovative and quality new-media technologies directly to the mass market at accessible price points with industry-leading quality. We are expanding rapidly to reach the majority of businesses in the United States who have not yet experienced video brochures.

We have created a business model that produces higher-quality, more reliable video brochure products at competitive prices while creating a community of expert consultants and agency partners who love using new technology. Our team in the United States, Australia, India and China work hard each day to deliver results for our clients.  This is what we’re about.

Video Brochures Direct Our Company

Our Mission

We believe that video brochures, video cards, and video books will become widely adopted in the United States and around the world by people spreading important and meaningful messages. We are on a mission to empower communicators who love pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Our team has been fortunate to provide these innovative communication tools to top global brands and numerous small businesses.

When your message matters most — deliver it with a video brochure!

Video Brochures Direct Our Mission

Our Results

Recipients retain 90% of a message when they watch it on a video brochure compared to 10% when reading a message in text form. 71% of customers say watching video content produced by businesses leaves them with a positive impression of those brands.

We offer powerful case studies across numerous industries on how clients have used video brochures to grow their businesses and exceed their goals:

• Deliver Personalized Messages & Invitations
• Equip Recruiters & Sales Teams
• Thank Sponsors & Clients
• Educate Customers & Patients
• Train Staff & Volunteers
• Deliver Reports & Proposals




We explore the most effective way to communicate to your audience and then deliver that message.


We establish a creative approach that underpins your point of difference to your demographic.


We develop a style that brings your idea to life and then ensure all creative assets reinforce that.

Video Production

We effectively convey your story to make sure the beginning, middle and end tie in seamlessly.

Post Production

We incorporate a powerful combination of music, sound effects and voice over to shape your story.

Video Brochures

We produce an innovative product that delivers your story to reach and inspire niche markets.

Get To Know Our Global Reputation

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Our team has done it all: legal, banking, healthcare, education, non-profit, tourism, retail, real estate, sport and much more.

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Units Produced

We’ve created video brochures, video cards, and video books in every shape, size, and quantity for companies of all sizes and budgets.

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Years of Experience

Our story began in Australia in 2012 and expanded to the United States in 2017. Our factory in China produces video brochures for our rapidly-growing team around the world.

Video Brochures are about delivering cut through to maximize your return.

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