Video Brochures Support


Support You Can Count On

Is video brochures support available from the initial creative concept to completion?

Yes, our skilled in-house team has a thorough understanding of all things digital from concept, design, video production and editing.  By utilizing our knowledge and accessing these services you can conveniently complete your project all under the one roof saving you time and money.

Video Brochures Support

Is it possible for Video Brochures Direct to modify my current video files?

Yes, we can convert them for you so they can be uploaded and used across a variety of devices. Our team can perform this editing task as well as amend your video in some cases.

When delivered what comes with the unit?

A USB cable is included with every brochure to ensure the units can be recharged and content uploaded if necessary. Instructions on how to complete this task are included as well.

Do I require any training?

No, the process is very simple and our easy to follow instructions outline how to plug in the supplied USB cable as well as drag and drop your video files onto the unit.

If I experience technical difficulties can I reach out and speak with anyone?

Yes, we’re available on 1 (888) 609 -8889 or via email.

Do you have a service to assist us with postage?

Yes, we can provide fulfilment to multiple locations if required. Our quote will include a postage fee plus handling calculated on a per unit basis.

If a unit is damaged or inoperable can these be replaced?

Yes, our 30-day return policy ensures you can replace them with new ones.