How Video Brochures Benefit Higher Education

How Video Brochures Benefit Higher Education
October 5, 2020 admin
Video Brochure Cost and Results


Institutions of higher education and related vendors utilize video brochures to impact recruitment, boost funding, influence student and staff retention and boost numerous other metrics critical to growth. Video Brochures Direct is privileged to work with numerous institutions as a verified vendor.

How do video brochures and video mailers work for colleges and universities?

First, our data suggest that video and print combined create nine times the engagement of print alone and 90% of viewers retain information better when delivered via video. That’s why Morehouse College in Atlanta chose Video Brochures Direct.

Video Brochures and Mailer for Morehouse College

Second, this communication technology is relatively new and few recipients have ever seen a video brochure with a HD screen and incredible speakers. Your message stands out in stunning four-color print and video among thousands of pieces of information received each day. Research tells us that each video brochure is passed between 14 to 15 hands-on average and recipients view the entire presentation multiple times — leading to much higher retention and engagement with your message.

Third, our technology at Video Brochures Direct enables your department or administrative team to use one order for multiple purposes. You are able to deliver targeted videos to specific groups of stakeholders — extending the value of your investment. We have all invested in marketing and communications tools that grow obsolete or stale on the shelf. Not with Video Brochures Direct! We make it easy to customize each brochure with videos that create a personal connection.

Where to begin? Review our most popular formats and products on our website or call a helpful American higher education expert to discuss your ideas. We’ll be happy to help.

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We are extremely grateful for the feedback we have received from companies and institutions across the United States. The National Flight Academy treasurer Bill Bowers recently shared a 5-Star Review on Google after selecting Video Brochures Direct:

“Our research and rigorous vendor approval process made Video Brochures Direct the clear choice.”

We are defined by highly-responsive customer services and a commitment to your institutions’ success in achieving your goals, not just selling our products. Our lower-priced business model relies on repeat business from extremely-satisfied customers.

Our methodology is simply different. Video Brochures Direct stands firmly as the industry leader for quality innovative technologies that engage stakeholders. We proudly refuse to cut corners and build many of our products right here in the United States. While some “too good to be true” resellers may quote a bottom of the barrel price, we offer FCC-certified safety-compliant products with unbeatable American service and a commitment to ongoing partnership in your success.

“Video Brochures Direct was incredibly responsive and worked extremely well with our team. The ability to change the videos out to reach different stakeholders made using this communication technology a no brainer for us. Video Brochures can be evergreen and customizable to be used for any department or objective.”


Video brochures come in multiple shapes, sizes, print finishes, screen sizes, and technical capabilities. Most will range between $25 and $65 per unit depending upon quality, format, screen size, and number of videos. Video Brochures Direct is known for our up-front pricing, quality customer education, and “no surprises” methodology.

Remember: 71% of video brochure viewers make a positive brand connection and take action. Our team is here to share use cases, success stories, and hurdles we overcame to become the preferred choice for video brochures by institutions across the United States. We look forward to serving your department to achieve your goals.

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