Unlock the art of gift giving with Video Brochures Direct

Unlock the art of gift giving with Video Brochures Direct
December 16, 2021 admin
Ally-Video Brochures Direct

There are times throughout the year when we all have to turn our attention to the often challenging art of gift-giving. Whether it’s a family member or an important client, we often agonize over the perfect way to thank, congratulate or celebrate an important event. The good news is – we can definitely help on the client-side. The family – well, we’ll leave that up to you.

If you’d like to do it differently this year, if you’d like to make a bigger impression or just have more say in the final product – a Video Brochures Direct gift box will tick all the boxes. One thing’s for certain – you will stand out from the crowd because our gift box styles, applications and treatments are virtually endless.

You can choose from a great range of impressive off-the-shelf designs or put your personal stamp on the end product with a totally bespoke offering.  Along with your embedded video message, you can insert pages, add a bottle of their favorite wine, or choose a clever gift idea to complete the package.

The magic really starts to happen with the design and treatment of the box and its interior. You can deboss, add metallic foil along with all manner of creative embellishments. You can hand it all over to us or take as strong a hand as you want in the process.

By tailoring your gift box to suit your client or associates’ individual tastes, we can all but guarantee it won’t end up shoved into an office corner along with those other off-the-shelf corporate offerings we all know too well.

Contact us at Video Brochures Direct today and we’ll help you turn gift-giving into a personalized art form.


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