We always like to repeat ourselves

We always like to repeat ourselves
December 16, 2021 admin
Canon-Video Brochures Direct

There’s no better way to measure the success of your endeavors than repeat business.  The affirmation it offers cannot be overstated. It tells us we’re doing something right. It keeps us on track and most importantly – it fills the coffers. At Video Brochures Direct, we’re no exception. That’s why we’ve built our business around customers coming back.

We’re now on our third project from the world’s largest imaging company – Canon. The recent Rugby World Cup in Japan was sponsored by Canon. They decided to go all out with their executive invites. A bespoke presentation box containing a replica rugby ball, a VIP pass, an events program and of course – a powerful video invite generated the largest response they’ve ever had for an invite. It simply could not be ignored.

Repeat business currently represents 30% of our income. That says a lot about our success. Especially when you consider Ally, EY, Dyson, Renovia, Bayer and Mimecast returning to us for more.

Another benefit of repeat business is the forensics it provides. We can closely examine what we did right and how we can do it even better next time around. It’s a blueprint for success that we can employ time and time again. That said, at Video Brochures Direct we do not sit on our laurels. We’re continually pushing boundaries. As the saying goes – for things to remain the same – they must change.


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