Canon Video Box

Canon Video Box
December 21, 2023 admin
Video Brochures Direct - Canon Testimonial

Canon’s Winning Play: The Personalized Video Box Triumph at the Rugby World Cup

Canon is a multinational corporation known for its specialization in imaging and optical products. Primarily recognized for its cameras, Canon also manufactures a wide range of products, including photocopiers, printers, camcorders, and medical equipment.

We were thrilled with our 90% response rate and attribute our success to key factors like – the design contribution, inviting video content, meaningful merchandising with finishes and attention to detail our clients and partners expect from the Canon brand.

Sonja Debuljah
Event Manager Canon

Video Brochure Specifications

Video Box Size: Medium 10 1/2 inches x 9 inches x 4 1/2 inches deep
Box Finish: Magnet Close with a Matt Anti-Scratch
Screen Size: 7” IPS Premium Screen
Memory: 256MB 10-15 mins of available video
Number of Videos: 2
Function Buttons: Play/pause, Skip, Reverse, Volume up and down

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The Project Profile

Canon’s innovative approach at the Rugby World Cup left a lasting impression on its VIP clients, culminating in an unforgettable experience. The company orchestrated an all-inclusive incentive trip, elevating the anticipation with a personalized touch—a bespoke video box.

Crafted with precision, this exclusive box was more than just packaging; it was a gateway to an immersive journey. Inside, clients discovered a personalized video, a miniature rugby ball, and an access pass—each element meticulously curated to enhance the experience.

The personalized video, tailored for each recipient, added a personal touch, resonating with their individual interests and connections. The inclusion of a miniature rugby ball amplified the excitement, symbolizing the thrilling sports event awaiting them. Complemented by the access pass, the entire package extended an air of exclusivity and anticipation.

Canon’s strategic blend of personalized content and thoughtful keepsakes reflected their commitment to client satisfaction. With a staggering 90% success rate, this unique gesture proved to be a game-changer, delighting clients and solidifying Canon’s position as an innovator in client engagement. The video box not only secured their attendance but also set the stage for an unparalleled and memorable experience at the Rugby World Cup.

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