Salvation Army Video Brochure

Salvation Army Video Brochure
December 19, 2023 admin
Salvation Army

Transformative: Salvation Army’s Journey with Video Brochures and Donor Impact

The Salvation Army is a global Christian organization known for its humanitarian work and social services.

Overall, a great success. We did raise more money by creatively telling our story with higher energy. One donor’s gift increase to $100,000 from 1,000. The Donor Relations Director’s personalized video messages were a hit (e.g., Hi Steve and Carla). I consider it a great tool as part of our bigger integration marketing and communication plan.

Craig Schmalz
Senior Director of Donor Relations, The Salvation Army Northern Division

Video Brochure Specifications

Brochure Size: Half Page 8 1/4 inches x 5 7/8 inches horizontal
Brochure Finish: Paperback with a Matt Anti-Scratch
Screen Size: 7” IPS Premium Screen
Memory: 512MB 20-30 mins of available video
Number of Videos: 5
Function Buttons: Play/pause, Skip, Reverse, Volume up and down
Special Features: Pocket

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The Project Profile

Supported by Spire Credit Union, their generous contribution propelled the project, showcasing their commitment as a responsible corporate entity invested in community welfare.

The Salvation Army harnessed the power of video brochures to forge stronger connections with philanthropists, illuminating the transformative impact of their donations on aiding impoverished and vulnerable communities. Through compelling visual narratives, these video brochures vividly showcased the tangible outcomes and heartfelt stories resulting from the philanthropists’ generosity.

By employing this innovative tool, the Salvation Army effectively transported benefactors into the heart of their humanitarian efforts. Emotive videos depicted real-life stories of individuals rescued from adversity, families provided with shelter and sustenance, and communities uplifted through education and empowerment initiatives. These narratives encapsulated the essence of the Salvation Army’s work, portraying the direct correlation between donors’ contributions and the positive changes unfolding in the lives of those in need.

The utilization of video brochures revolutionized donor engagement, transcending the traditional medium of written reports or statistics. It personalized the charitable journey, enabling philanthropists to witness, firsthand, the profound impact of their contributions. This immersive storytelling not only inspired empathy but also fostered a deeper sense of trust and transparency, catalyzing increased donations. The Salvation Army effectively leveraged video brochures as a catalyst for showcasing their transformative endeavors, fostering a more profound connection between donors and the impactful change their support catalyzes.

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