Morehouse College Video Brochure

Morehouse College Unveiled: Transformative Recruitment with a Dynamic Video Brochure

Morehouse College is a prestigious historically black men’s college in Atlanta, fostering academic excellence, leadership, and cultural heritage through its rigorous programs and strong community engagement.

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Dr Thelbert Snowden

Dr Thelbert Snowden

Director of Admissions & Recruitment, Morehouse College

Video Brochure Specifications

Brochure Size: Half Page 8 1/4 inches x 5 7/8 inches horizontal
Brochure Finish: Hard Cover with a Matt Anti-Scratch
Screen Size: 7” IPS Premium Screen
Memory: 256MB 10-15 mins of available video
Number of Videos: 3
Function Buttons: Play/pause, Skip, Reverse, Volume up and down

What does this video brochure cost?

The Project Profile

Morehouse College reshaped its student recruitment strategy by deploying an enthralling video brochure. This immersive presentation vividly portrayed the vibrant campus life, academic excellence, and profound community involvement defining Morehouse College. Through dynamic imagery, heartfelt endorsements from faculty members, and compelling narratives from alumni, the brochure eloquently depicted Morehouse College’s illustrious heritage in cultivating leaders and academic distinction. This innovative approach magnetized aspiring students, offering a sneak peek into an educational journey steeped in empowerment, diversity, and transformative experiences.

The video brochure served as a gateway, enticing prospects with an enticing preview of the unparalleled educational atmosphere at Morehouse College. It artfully encapsulated the institution’s ethos of excellence, encouraging young minds to envision themselves as part of a vibrant community dedicated to growth and leadership. This revolutionary recruitment tool became a testament to Morehouse College’s commitment to nurturing future leaders while embodying diversity, academic brilliance, and a legacy of impactful contributions to society.

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