Leva Video Brochure

Revolutionizing Women’s Health: Leva’s Breakthrough Product Unveiled Through Video Brochures

Leva is a non-drug, non-surgical solution that combines technology and coaching to help perform pelvic floor muscle training correctly and consistently every time.

It should come as no surprise that the video brochures were a huge hit! Providers were very impressed and love how they are a great patient education tool. Video Brochures are the most sought-after of any marketing tool I have ever created in my 15+ years in marketing.

Natalie Toomey

Natalie Toomey

Senior Marketing Manager

Video Brochure Specifications

Brochure Size: Half Page 8 1/4 inches x 5 7/8 inches horizontal
Brochure Finish: Hard Cover with a Matt Anti-Scratch
Screen Size: 7” IPS Premium Screen
Memory: 256MB 10-20 mins of available video
Number of Videos: 2
Function Buttons: Play/pause, Volume up and down

What does this video brochure cost?

The Project Profile

Leva, at the forefront of women’s healthcare innovation, has introduced a groundbreaking product aimed at transforming the lives of millions grappling with pelvic floor disorders. In a pioneering move, Leva utilized video brochures to herald the launch of their solution, offering a comprehensive understanding of their pioneering first-line diagnosis and treatment.

The video brochures served as a beacon of information and reassurance, elucidating the intricacies of the product while weaving in powerful testimonials from those whose lives have been positively impacted. These narratives painted a vivid picture of the product’s efficacy, instilling hope and confidence in those seeking relief from these often debilitating conditions.

For millions of women navigating pelvic floor disorders, Leva’s video brochures were a beacon of empowerment. They not only provided insights into the innovative solution but also fostered a sense of community and understanding among those facing similar challenges.

Leva’s integration of video brochures marks a pivotal moment in women’s healthcare, where technology meets compassion, ensuring that those affected receive the support, information, and solutions necessary to enhance their condition-specific quality of life.

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