Video Brochure Design

Video Brochure Design
February 21, 2019 admin
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Your video can only benefit from carefully considered and impactful design. When audiences are introduced to your video brochure, the first thing they see is the cover or sleeve. What happens after that rests greatly on the quality of that first impression.

Here’s a short list of proven techniques for engaging customers by getting them excited about what’s to come.

  1. Ensure visual elements like colour, logo, font and imagery are brand aligned.
  2. Combine a meaningful visual treatment with an arresting headline that underpins a powerful customer benefit.
  3. Emboss your logo to accentuate its presence.
  4. Inside cover content should articulate your key customer messages and clearly emphasis your competitive edge.
  5. Emboss the function and/or video buttons to add an engaging embellishment.
  6. To promote enquiry, ensure your back cover call-to-action is uncomplicated, compelling and includes all the necessary contact details.
  7. Great video brochure design requires a creatively applied balance of design and information as well as adhering to the golden rule of simple is always best.
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