Your Communication Projects are in Good Hands

Your Communication Projects are in Good Hands
June 13, 2019 admin
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Welcome! Whatever leads you to investigate our video brochure products and creative services, thanks for being here. We appreciate the fact that many of our customers make repeat orders time and again and recommend Video Brochures Direct to their colleagues and partners. Why? A few reasons stand out. Our leadership team has worked hard from the inception of video brochure technology to be the undisputed leaders in quality and conscientious manufacturing, FCC-certified safety compliance, and stress free production.

Innovation can be daunting. We believe it is our job to make it easy for customers to adopt this new communication medium. Your workflow should not be impacted by adding video screen technology to your publishing efforts. That’s why we offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and provide a dedicated account representative from the United States to navigate you seamlessly through the process.



Responsive customer service is also a key to our success. Brands large and small rely on us to get it right and can’t afford to have their projects fail due to slow communication, translation issues, unexpected delays, and complications. Our seven-year track record, reliable supply chain, and campaign knowledge make the difference.

Our support includes helping you define the scope and size of your project,  defining your message, and refining your content for use on video brochures. This is where we excel — offering free campaign advice, content writing support if needed, and campaign consulting to guide you toward messaging that is proven to work in this medium. Video brochures create action, and we have discovered what works and what is less effective through trial and error over 7 years and hundreds of projects.

Whatever the cost of your video brochure campaign, time is the most precious resource. Our entire team is committed to ensuring your time is not wasted and that you have the support you need. Reach out for a free quote or consultation about your goals and see what video screen technologies in our portfolio make sense for you.

Your project is in good hands with us because we also provide White Glove Quality Control in our factories as well as across the pond here in the United States. We are the only provider that offers an 8-point quality inspection: saving you headaches, sleepless nights, and embarrassment. Here are some common questions you should ask vendors in person or on the phone before spending a dime:

  • Will your video brochures come fully charged?
  • Is each video brochure inspected by an American to ensure they are not damaged in transit across the Pacific?
  • How do you ensure print quality and colors will be compliant with your brand standards?
  • Will you have the opportunity to review progress at every step of the process?
  • Are your video brochures reliable — free of spare parts or substandard batteries?
  • How long are your video brochure batteries guaranteed to last?

All of these questions are addressed upfront and handled without requiring any effort on your part. Our no-hassle Customs Guarantee ensures that there are no surprises some companies will quote you a rock bottom prices but fail to include all of the real details about the costs you may incur, like shipping, inspections, and customs fees. We guarantee no surprises, period. Video Brochures Direct includes all of these steps in our one low price.

Do you have an agency for us to work with? Great news. We collaborate with agencies across the country and around the world to deliver award-winning video brochure campaigns. We look forward to meeting your agency or internal marketing personnel. Send us art files based on our unique templates, and we will do the rest.

Finally, your project is in good hands with Video Brochures Direct because our transparency for all the reasons stated above. We lead the industry with upfront pricing, providing details you will not find anywhere else. If you have a question, it’s likely we have covered it with others and successfully resolved any issue. Our years of learning about what works and what doesn’t are offered to you for your benefit free of charge. That’s why so many of our customers return time and again (a fact we greatly appreciate and don’t take for granted).

If you have questions about the value we provide or the cost of doing business with Video Brochures Direct, pleases feel free to reach out. We’re just a quick phone call away. Speak with an American team member today — 888-609-8889 — or email