How much do video brochures cost?

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A very common question we typically get asked first is “how much do video brochures cost?” This is why we have provided our quick quote feature. Have you tried to find a clear answer online? It can be like digging for a needle in a haystack.

The answer doesn’t have to be elusive. As a matter of fact, we provide a video brochure quick quote to anyone who requests it — free of charge and with no obligation.  Our menu of popular video brochure styles below will help you get started in narrowing down your budget effectively. It’s as  simple as following the instructions below;

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In comparison to other media and communications devices with high-resolution screens like tablets, phones and OLED displays, video brochure costs are often significantly less. This makes video brochures a desirable option for marketing and sales teams looking to achieve and exceed their goals. Regardless of the size of your order, there are affordable options available to you with Video Brochures Direct.

Do your research.

We encourage everyone investigating the budget required for a great video brochure campaign to do their research with other companies. Put them to the test. Simply attempt to speak with a local representative in the United States for a quick quote at the very least. We often hear that foreign representatives are hard to reach. If you are able to find clear quick quote pricing, you are welcome to provide it to us for our price-match guarantee. If we are able to match the price for the same quality and safety-tested components, we absolutely will do so.

When the budget for an innovative project like video brochures is on the line, we believe that providing a local point of contact who understands your needs and relates to your culture and business is essential.

How much do Video Brochures cost?


Ever wondered why it is so hard to find the price online?

The few quality global companies similar to Video Brochures Direct typically do not publish their price lists online. If they do, they often publish a deceptive rock-bottom price based upon unrealistically high quantities, slow production timelines, unsellable inventory, substandard parts, or even worse — incomplete pricing without factoring in shipping.

Often prices change week to week for resellers (which represent a vast majority of companies that will show up on the first few pages of your Google search. Their prices vary widely from week to week depending on their various suppliers’ ability to obtain screens, memory, materials, and electronics. Our factory and processes are different. Our supply chain is reliable and consistent for a reason. We built it that way. Our discerning clients expect better and rely on us for producing the highest quality video brochures that are available.

We are counting on your 100% satisfaction.

Put simply: our business model is different than the resellers and mark-up peddlers. They tend to resist publishing their prices so they can command the highest quantity order with the biggest margin.

Our expert advisors bank on frequent repeat business and referrals by highly-satisfied customers. We believe that if we provide a quality product at an affordable price, you and your friends will be back for more — time after time.

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