The Best Questions to Ask When Choosing a Video Brochure for Prospecting.

Best Questions

In the dynamic world of marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Video brochures have emerged as a powerful tool for prospecting, blending the impact of video content with the tangible appeal of a traditional brochure. To ensure you make an informed choice, asking the right questions of your supplier is key.

Here’s a guide to the best questions you should ask when selecting a video brochure for prospecting success, why and the most popular choices from our customers:

1. Screen Quality Matters:

Question: How does the screen quality of the video brochure enhance the visual impact of my content?

Why it matters: Clear, vibrant visuals are essential for leaving a lasting impression on your prospects. A high-resolution screen ensures your videos are displayed with precision and clarity.
Most Popular Screen Choice: 7” IPS HD

2. Battery Life for Extended Impact:

Question: What is the battery life, and how does it support prolonged prospect engagement?

Why it matters: A longer battery life allows for extended usage, ensuring your video brochure captivates your audience without running out of power.
Most Popular Battery Size: 1500 mAh or 90 minutes of playtime 

3. Storage Capacity and Versatility:

Question: How much storage capacity does the video brochure offer, and can it accommodate a variety of content?

Why it matters: Sufficient storage allows flexibility in your marketing messages, enabling you to showcase a range of videos without compromising on quality.
Most Popular Memory Size: 256MB or about 15-20 minutes for 3 videos, 512MB or about 20-30 minutes for 5-7 videos

4. Ease of Use for Seamless Interaction:

Question: How user-friendly is the design, and how easy is it to update and upload new content?

Why it matters: An intuitive interface simplifies the content management process, allowing you to focus on your prospecting efforts rather than technical complexities.
Most Popular Functionality: The brochure auto playing upon opening and video buttons for each video uploaded to the device.

5. Print and Design Quality:

Question: How does the print and design quality contribute to the overall visual appeal of the video brochure?

Why it matters: A well-crafted design enhances the professionalism of your brand and positively influences how your content is perceived.
Most Popular Designs: Less is best and the hero is the video so keep text to a minimum.
Front Cover:  Logo
Inside Cover: Image and less than 50 words
Screen Page: Simple two color tone style
Back Cover: Call to action and contact details

6. Size and Weight for Practicality:

Question: How does the size and weight of the video brochure impact its practicality for distribution?

Why it matters: A portable and lightweight design ensures easy distribution and handover during prospect interactions.
Most Popular Brochure Size: The Half Page Video Brochure.

7. Interactive Features for Enhanced Engagement:

Question: Does the video brochure include interactive features like navigation buttons?

Why it matters: Interactive features enhance user engagement, providing a more immersive experience for your prospects.
Most Popular Button Functions: Play/pause and volume buttons situated to the right of the screen allow for user friendly engagement.

8. Customer Reviews and Testimonials:

Question: Are there customer reviews or testimonials that provide insights into the performance and satisfaction of users?

Why it matters: Real-world experiences from other users offer valuable perspectives and can influence your decision-making process.
Most Popular Information: Feedback from our case studies appear to be the most insightful on styles that work best.

In conclusion, choosing the right video brochure for prospecting involves a thoughtful consideration of these questions. By delving into these aspects, you can ensure that your investment aligns seamlessly with your prospecting goals, leaving a lasting impact on potential clients or partners.

Embrace the power of video brochures and unlock new possibilities for your marketing success.

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